Lewis鈥 Continuing Education programs offer the adult learner multiple opportunities for reskilling, upskilling, or career focused change. Online and on demand courses available to accommodate current lifestyles.

Recognizing the evolving needs of the workforce and the demand for accessible education, 九色直播 Continuing Education offers a wide array of online training programs tailored to meet the demands of contemporary industries.

Employers are looking for up-to-date skills and competencies. 九色直播's suite of continuing education courses offers a convenient and effective way to catch up, keep up and get ahead in any given career field. With hundreds of online career-training courses available, you have access to a convenient way to learn a new skill. Open enrollments let you start any time. Topics include business, healthcare, technology, industry certifications and more.

Featured Courses

Coursera Career Academy Certifications Subscriptions

Coursera Careers Emoployers

We have an exciting partnership with Coursera for Campus to provide subscriptions to unlimited Professional Certificates. These Professional Certificates offer flexible, online training designed to get you job-ready for high-growth fields such as Cyber Security, iOS Developer, Human Resources Specialist, Marketing Analyst, and many more!

The Career Academy combines several components:

  • Professional Certificates, providing entry-level job training from industry experts such as Google, IBM, Meta and others. Each certificate comprises a series of online courses that can be completed in six to eight months on average, with no degree or prior experience required;
  • Guided Projects, hands-on tutorials for building job-relevant skills in under two hours; and
  • Overview of common job titles, skill requirements and average regionalized salary (where available) to help learners explore potential career paths.
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